You are not a Cocky Boys’ film but I’m watchin’ you.
Wissler (The X-Files Theme)

A very famous preset - Mark Snow used this type of sound (originally on the Proteus/2 but this appears to be the same sample) for his melody line in “The X-Files Theme”.




"There’s a cure?!" asked the girl that kills everything she touches
"Hey shut up we’re perf" replied the girl that makes clouds. 

For real though. Storm has stopped an entire tsunami before. “Makes clouds my ass” she can conjure lightning and tornadoes and is revered as a god in her tribe. She literally changes atmospheric pressure and that’s how she flies. So fuck you. Storm is flawless.

I think you missed the part where the GIRL WHO KILLS EVERYTHING SHE TOUCHES wants to NOT KILL EVERYTHING SHE TOUCHES and everyone dismisses her incredible misfortune just because the lady who is the AVATAR OF THE STORM won the fucking SUPERPOWER LOTTERY

And I think y’all - maybe - missed the part where the girl who kills everything¹ she touches does not kill everything she touches, because:

- She absorbs energy and memory² of people;
- She is able to interrupt the contact before she can cause such severe damage;
- It doesn’t matter if she intends or not to kill. She might be interrupted for any strong enough exterior element.

In a simple way: to be able does not mean to do.

¹ I know that everything stands for everyone (even other animals besides human beings) but I think is just wrong.
² This is my interpretation of her power, not the current definition.

(Fonte: x-menunited)




Who does a pharaoh talk to when he’s sad?

His mummy.

I lost 10 followers already.

Some people can’t stand near a really talented person.


Made In Heaven, 1985.


Made In Heaven, 1985.

(Fonte: looblue)

Muito poucos seres procuram realmente o conhecimento neste mundo. Mortais ou imortais, poucos perguntam de fato. Pelo contrário, eles tentam arrancar à força do desconhecido as respostas que já formaram em suas mentes… justificativas, confirmações, fórmulas de consolo sem as quais não podem continuar. Perguntar de fato é abrir a porta para um furacão. A resposta pode aniquilar a pergunta e quem a fez.

No sense is needed.

Nonsense is needed.

A beleza está na refeição que consumi.


"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."

Sometimes, it sounds feminazi like “women are the new Aryans” but otherwise it sounds true. Because it is.